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A soft knock on the door, and she enters the room quietly. She is calm. She makes eye contact with the nurse and smiles. Moving into the room, her eyes do a quick sweep. She sees all it has to offer and makes a mental checklist of the materials she will need to gather: a few more towels, an ice pack, a big cup of water with a straw, some snacks. 

After adjusting the lights, putting on a soothing playlist, gently reminding dad to drink water and eat a snack, checking in with the care provider, and prepping a few cool wash clothes, she joins the laboring mother in the bathroom and kneels beside her tub. With a soothing, confident touch she applies pressure to the mother's back - easing her pain. She talks her through the contraction with praise and reassurance, then reminds her to breathe and "take her rest" during the break. She will do this for the rest of the night, until the labor gives way to transition which gives way to pushing which gives way to meeting baby. 

She is the doula. 

"Danielle kept me grounded. My birth was fast, really fast. Everyone else in the hospital room was rushing around and Danielle stayed calm, which kept my husband and I calm. "



"Danielle has a great "client-first" approach. I felt like she really cared about my birth choices and worked hard to make sure I was well cared for.   


"My husband was on the fence about hiring a doula but from our first conversation he was convinced. She put us at ease right away and fit right into our family. She is warm, professional and knowledgeable. 


"We feel so lucky we had Danielle for our first birth. She worked really well with our OB and the nurses and made our hospital room feel cozy and inviting."


Boise birth doula | Serving families in Boise, Idaho and the surrounding Treasure Valley: Eagle, Emmett, Caldwell, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, Middleton, Nampa, and Star 


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