Your Rhode Island Birth Doula

What can you expect from me as your doula? 

I am committed to your health and comfort throughout your entire journey to becoming parents. 

That commitment begins during your pregnancy. Pregnancy brings so many new changes to your body, your routine, and your sense of self. As your birth doula, I am also your pregnancy guide: ready to help you navigate the unexpected.

From the moment we sign our contract, I become available to you. Whether you need evidence-based information on managing discomfort or just want to celebrate an exciting milestone with someone who "gets it": I am just a phone call (or text) away.  

I will help you advocate for yourself, your birth choices, and your baby. 

I will support your labor and, more importantly, your choice in labor. During our prenatal meetings we'll form a birth plan tailored to you, which I will then memorize and use to create your birth space and labor cadence. We'll work with your birth team to ensure you feel empowered, respected, and present during every single moment of your labor and birth.  


Evidence shows that persons who used a doula during birth were:


*Less likely to need medical interventions like Pitocin during labor


*Less likely to use pain medications (if they did not desire to use them)


*Less likely to have a Cesarean section


I am a childbirth pro. Position changes, comfort techniques, words of encouragement, tricks to help baby rotate and descend: I've got them all!


Having a doula in the room takes the guesswork out of labor for you and your partner. Let me guide your partner on what to do next, set up your birth space to be cozy and relaxing, and breathe with you through those contractions. I want you to be present and enjoy your labor! 

Partners, I am here for you too! 

During pregnancy, I am available to offer suggestions on how you can support your pregnant partner. But you need a doula too, and I will provide emotional validation, recommendations for pregnancy, parenting education, and referrals for additional support for you as well. 


In labor, we become a team, and I will help you shine. Whether I am suggesting the perfect comfort measures; reminding you to hydrate, eat, and rest; taking pictures if you'd like them; or reminding the doctor that you'd like to announce your baby's name, cut the cord, or catch your baby, I will ensure that your experience is a positive one.

My services continue during postpartum. 

After you give birth, I will stay with you until you are comfortable in your recovery setting. In these moments I am ready to facilitate communication to your family, take pictures of you and your new baby, grab snacks or water, and offer breastfeeding guidance. My focus stays on you and your comfort. Should your newborn need additional neonatal care, I will remain with you to offer emotional support and facilitate communication between you and your baby's care team. I will not leave until you are tucked in with your new baby and ready to snuggle and rest.


And because birth is just the beginning of your journey into parenthood, I will be there for you as you transition. During your first year after birth, I will remain available for you. Assisting in your emotional and physical recovery from birth, supplying local area resources for continued care, and providing insight on basic infant care, breastfeeding, and pumping routines and rituals are all ways I can support your postpartum journey. 

I love talking to families and hearing their stories! Reach out today to set up a complimentary birth doula consultation. 


"Danielle was my lifeline leading up to and during the birth. I don't know what I would have done without her." 

Heather, who gave birth in July 2020

"Danielle was my anchor through it all and kept me where I needed to be."

Laura, who gave birth in May 2018

 "Danielle has been my pillar of patience, tenacity, and power. I am forever grateful."

Kayla, who gave birth in October 2020