COVID-19 Safety Precautions and Procedures 

As a birth doula and as a person, I believe in following scientific, evidence-based information from trusted medical professionals. It is my obligation and responsibility to you, the client, to be aware, cautious, and proactive in my approach towards the current COVID-19 pandemic, taking any and all appropriate precautions to keep you, your baby, and myself safe and healthy. Listed below are some of the things you can expect from me in our meetings together. If there are additional measures you would like me to take (within reason), or if you prefer to meet virtually - just ask! 


  • I will always offer the option to meet virtually for consultations +prenatals. 

  • If you prefer to meet in person, I will social distance in your home and wear a mask when I am unable to keep my distance. I will also wear my mask when we are in close contact while practicing labor positions, comfort measures, massage, etc. 

  • I will wash my hands when coming into your home or meeting you at your place of birth and carry sanitizer with me at all times. 

  • I am following Rhode Island guidelines as they change, keeping myself up to date so I can continue to provide my services. 

  • I will continue to wear a mask, wash and sanitize, and be as cautious as possible in my day-to-day to limit COVID-19 exposure. 

  • I will share any potential exposure with you so that you may make a decision that feels right for your family.