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Serving families in Boise, Idaho and the surrounding Treasure Valley: Eagle, Emmett, Caldwell, Garden City, Kuna, Meridian, Middleton, Nampa, and Star 




Certified Birth Doula, DONA International |

Chicago, Illinois 

July 2017


B.A. Spanish Language and Literature, University of Washington | Seattle, WA

 May 2013 



Birth Doula Training, DONA International |

Columbus, Ohio 

January 2017


Perinatal Bereavement Conference, Star Legacy Foundation | Columbus, Ohio 

May 2017

Basics of Breastfeeding, Mt. Carmel Health System | 

Columbus, Ohio

September 2017

Newborn Care and Parenting, Mt. Carmel Health System | 

Columbus, Ohio

September 2017


Babywearing for Birth Workers, Sprout Soup |

Columbus, Ohio 

September 2017


Postpartum Mood Disorders, Building Family Counseling | Columbus, Ohio 

February 2018 

Idaho ACNM Women's Health Conference | 

Boise, Idaho 

September 2018 



DONA International: Member

Idaho Doula Associates: Director of Operations

Birthwaves: Idaho Chapter Leader


La Leche League USA: Member

Treasure Valley Doulas: Member


After my first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, I felt lonely and isolated by my loss. The hospital where I was being treated felt cold and impersonal. I was desperate to find someone to help me navigate the journey of my next pregnancy while providing unbiased, unwavering support. After I discovered the magic of doulas, I decided to become one myself. I changed careers, and have been supporting families ever since. 


Pregnancy after loss has it's own trials and special considerations, and as someone who has experienced it firsthand, I am honored to be able to help other women and their partners on their journey. Here in the Treasure Valley, I feel my impact on the birth community is only just getting started. With each new client I connect with, I am re-reminded of why I do what I do: every parent deserves to have an empowering, supported, and safe birth experience.


I am honored to serve the Treasure Valley birth community, and am committed to giving that experience to my clients, however they choose to birth. 




I approach birth with a realist's mentality: the only way OUT, is THROUGH! I believe that methodical preparation for labor and birth enables us to be more in-the-moment on our birth days. 


Labor and birth can be beautiful and magical experiences, but they don't always have to be picturesque! Labor is both physically and emotionally exhausting, and birth is messy! My job as your doula is to help you own your experience- whatever that looks like to you!  



I believe in the power of storytelling, and find the practice cathartic, healing, and beautiful. I work hard to create safe spaces for parents to come together and share their stories, and enjoy reading and listening to birth stories wherever I can. You can read my personal birth story here


When I'm not attending births (and the weather is nice), I'm usually exploring outside with my family. During the week you'll find me being a mama to my wonderful one-year-old : attending story time at the Eagle Library, monkeying around at the Little Gym in Meridian, or splitting a slice of lemon cake at Starbucks.