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My Postpartum Product Recommendations

I get requests all the time from clients for my product recommendations for postpartum, so I put together a short list of my favorites! This list is not sponsored in anyway, it’s just a few items I swear by for comfort!


1. Kindred Bravely. My favorite nursing bras! These babies are so soft and comfy and offer the right amount of support without pinching or scratching. I like them for sleep and all-day wear at home during those first few weeks of postpartum where leaks are inevitable. You can stuff them with nursing pads or go without. Size up for a looser fit.

2. Lanacare. The best nursing pads. They are 100% organic wool - making them super soft and easy to care for. You don’t have to wash them very often, and they absorb breastmilk like magic. A little pricey, but so much better than flimsy cotton or peel-and-stick disposable pads.

3. Earth Mama Organics. Nipple butter. I love the scent and feel of this butter. It’s safe for baby and *bonus*, if you have extra you can use it on your feet, elbows, hands, wherever!


4. Latched Mama. I have a few items from Latched Mama and I love every piece! They allow you to nurse in public without feeling exposed -perfect for those (like me) with larger chests. They just updated my favorite piece - the petal hoodie - with improved drawstrings and a few different colors. Most pieces fit true-to-size. Size up for layering

Perinial Care

5. Earth Mama Organics. Herbal perennial spray and herbal sitz bath. Both products smell great and offer so much comfort to your perineum after birth. They also now have a perennial balm that I haven’t tried, but looks promising!

~ Padsicles. My preferred recipe is witch hazel + aloe vera gel + lavender essential oil . Find out how on Pregnant Chicken’s website https://pregnantchicken.com/padsicles/

~ Tucks Pads. For clearing up hemorrhoids and helping you clean after birth. I recommend making your own with cotton pads + witch hazel.

6. Tushy Bidet. For ultimate comfort + cleanliness while you heal, a bidet is absolutely the way to go. Warm water will feel amazing post birth, and it will help you stay clean until you feel ready to wipe again. I like this one from Tushy.

That’s my list! I hope you found this helpful! What products would you add?

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