• Danielle Delomas

The Magic of Winter Births

Winter has always been my least favorite time of year. The cold, the short days, and the heavy clothes do nothing for me. In fact, as soon as Christmas passes I start to count the days until spring.

Except, of course, when I get to attend a winter birth. Attending births in the winter reminds me that this season can be magical and mysterious.

Because, I'll admit, there is a certain beauty to winter. Everything is calm and still. Christmas lights twinkle in neighborhoods and trees glow from behind windows. The cold nudges us inside to warmth and there we huddle together with the people we love. We prepare hearty meals that nourish our bodies and warm us from the inside out. We listen to music that makes us nostalgic for years passed. We remember.

And, there is something about the story of the Birth of Christ I have always loved. A winter night: a dark sky, vast and twinkling. Mary and Joseph huddled together as she works to bring her baby boy Earthside. The instant connection between mother and baby, so significant and moving. Every year, hearing this story enchants me.

And, winter is pretty! And festive! Hospital nurses don't give me side eye in December when I unpack my twinkle lights from my doula bag. Home birth is extra special when the home has been decorated for the holidays. Snow is gorgeous to walk in during early labor, and the mountains look extra special with their snowy peaks.

And, there's often drama that accompanies birth in the winter. Will the roads be tricky? Will it snow? We check the weather constantly and my husband always offers to drive me because he knows I can't really drive in the snow. A little drama only adds to the excitement. Some of my favorite birth stories begin with "it was a very snowy night" or "we had just gotten a foot of snow". You know the babies in those stories always have a little spice in their personalities!

And: postpartum is better in the winter. Because when baby arrives? You have a whole new level of cozy. There is no need to go outside and you feel no guilt about staying indoors and missing nice weather. You just get to stay in bed, and snuggle your new babe, and enjoy winter through your window.

So I suppose winter will always have a special place in my doula heart. This year, with more Winter births than ever on my calendar, I will embrace the cold, and the dark, and let myself be swept away by the magic.

Are you giving birth this winter? Do you have a winter baby? Share your stories below.

If you have a birth on the horizon, here is a winter birth playlist crafted especially for you.

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